Studio portrait

Met up with Juliette in the bunker for a portrait shoot, medium softbox camera left and a bare bulb behind.

J J portrait by Rikard Elofsson on

J J portrait by Rikard Elofsson

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First cover

My first cover ever for Brazilian magazine Revista Capoeira. Softboxes left and right and lightstands falling over in small studio but happy with it anyhow
First ever cover

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In between studio portrait

A quick setup beauty lighting made a tiny fashion shoot possible during another shoot… More to work with when coming home – I always try and shoot some portraits regardless of what other stuff I do
Limited color

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The lake

One of my childhood lakes, a lightstand, flash and a beauty dish, trying not to fall in leaning out over the water, flash pretty much straight on late morning

Calm seas

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The cold swim

Late Swedish summer not really super hot water but brave model to the rescue. Two battery powered chinese flashes and some small cabling troubles, wish they were a bit less “soviet” in design but cheap so love them anyway. Sun also would not leave us alone but who can complain…

by the sea

Rainy black and white version of a cold swim


Evening swim

Lean back

Strong pose

Print dress

Late summer creature

Secret smile

Nordic asian leaning on tree

Summer dress

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At last a break from vacations meeting up with Jenny in Borgholm for a short shoot outdoors. One light only (with a small beauty dish) and it was on the weak side against the not setting enough fast summer night sun. Had a good time anyways and yes I like shooting like this!




Big smile









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Studio Capoeira

First attempt att shooting Capoeira in a small studio. Result: some nice images and knowledge about how much space is really required… Simple lighting just one softbox and background lighting


Front split hand stand

Capoeira eye contact sparring

More one handed standing

One hand hand stand 2

Cute bridge

Handstand split

Capoeria roundhouse kick

Squeezed one hand handstand

One hand handstand

Capoeira sparring


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Snoot day

I fired up the really old noisy and cranky Multiblitz flash in the studio and fitted a snoot to it. After getting used to the sound of the fan rattling it was a pleasure to see shadows come out to play. More of those and more practise…

White profile

Leather jacket portrait

Hard light leather

Yes I'm bored


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Late winter in Gamla Stan

A walk through Gamla Stan with Varga. Single gridded small flash on a lightstand and yes it was really cold…

Who's there

Collar up


Some hidden leg


Warming gaslight


Strong steam coat

Hat smile

The ripperette

More text in Swedish at modellbilder

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Studio premiere

First shoot in studio Bildbunkern, a softbox and a piece of metal for a reflector below, nice to be indoors!

Not too happy



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